the Actresses who support, but don’t iron..

Amy Adams

This gown is what a Nominee should wear to the Academy Awards.  One of te best looks of the night!

Anne Hathaway2

We had a lot of expectations for Anne Hathaway as I am sure many did.  When she hosted the Oscars every dress, every wardrobe change, every detail was perfect and beautiful.  While she has had some misses as most do, this was not the night to have one.  It was rumored that she would walk down the carpet in a Valentino … and that is probably what she should have done.  She was nominated and WON the Oscar for best supporting actress and she walks up to the stage in a simple pink nothing of a dress.  We do hold Hathaway and Prada to a higher standard and both disappointed us.  I think the back looks tacky and undone and it will redundant to talk about what the front looked like.  I hate to say this, but I really don’t know what was going through her head.  VALENTINO!!  Almost anything would have been better than this.  The make of the dress looks like a student did it- darts are supposed to shape around the breast not point out the exact spot of where the nipples are and hopefully not showing how large they are.  We love you Anne Hathaway, but this was one of the worst looks of the night and her career.

Jacki Weaver


Helen Hunt1

Helen Hunt 2Ok, Helen Hunt, what to say about Helen Hunt.  Personally I don’t care that it is an H&M dress, although designer fabrics are expensive for a reason, one being they don’t wrinkle as easily.  What was she thinking?  It is a nice silhouette on her, but a nothing dress that doesn’t even look tailored.  Maybe she shouldn’t have been showing off the $700,000 of jewelry and spent a little it bit more on the dress itself.  The pendent in the back makes absolutely no sense and if you look at my close up picture- is that mistake in the dress?  Is that the lining accidently peeking through?    The dress looks messy and also one of the worst looks of the night.

Sally Feilds

My jaw dropped when I saw Sally Fields in this Valentino Couture gown.  She has never looked better and more stunning than she did walking down the Red Carpet.  The dress is age appropriate shows how sexy and beautiful she is as a woman. I love her and she can do no wrong in my book!

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